Poulton Research Project


Notice of AGM 2021

Our AGM is being held on 18th February

Alison has been contracted by the Poulton Project to assist Mike Emery and Kevin Cootes during the forthcoming season.

Alison is a qualified Osteologist and comes with previous teaching experience. Poulton now has three fully qualified Archaeologists to teach the students, volunteers and our other visitors this summer ensuring they receive only the very best instruction.

“Alison Atkin is an osteoarchaeologist who specialises in the effects of disease on past populations, including how it impacts burial practices. She is currently completing her doctoral studies, investigating plague burials in medieval England. Alison has worked as an archaeologist and in museums for over ten years. In addition she is very involved in science and archaeology outreach. Alison has excavated and taught archaeology and osteology on two continents and is very much looking forward to her summer at the Poulton Project. “