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Notice of AGM 2021

Our AGM is being held on 18th February

The aerial photo’s show the current excavation of a series of intercutting Iron Age roundhouses spanning generations of rebuilding on the same site. Portions of nine structures are exposed. Excavation has produced a large material assemblage which includes animal bone, ceramics, charcoal and fire cracked stone, the latter having been used as pot boilers. Resistivity survey has demonstrated that these structures form part of a wider complex surrounded by a large enclosure, currently dated by radiocarbon analysis to the 5th-1st centuries BC. Morphologically, these remains are very similar to Aggregated Settlements, which are found east of the Pennines. Such an extensive, well preserved remains are unique to Cheshire.

During the Roman period, two kilns were built on the low mound which marked the site of Roundhouse III. Evidence so far indicates that ceramic production and metalworking were being practiced. An additional Field boundary of the same period truncates the northern arc of Roundhouse 3.

Prehistoric in ColourPrehistoric in Black & White

Photo’s by kind permission of Tel-Air.