Poulton Research Project


Notice of AGM 2021

Our AGM is being held on 18th February

Friends of Poulton

From Christian Caroe, Trustee, Poulton Research Project:

The Poulton Research Project is the only multi-period archaeological site in the North West which is open throughout the year. Poulton introduces students to archaeology, field archaeology in particular, and is available to students of all ages and abilities. The site spans an incredible 9000 years, with finds ranging from carefully worked pre-historic flints to 17c artefacts from the Civil War.

To enable this unique site to prosper, we are constantly seeking support from the community at large. Friends of Poulton enables those people with an interest in local history, or who just enjoy archaeology via the media, the chance to participate in a dig, albeit at arms length. Having said that, we will be running weekend digs on the site during the summer so that you can acquire an insight into what it is really like to get a “hands-on” feel on a real live archaeological site. This will only be open to Friends of Poulton, and Mike Emery and the team will be giving you all the guidance you need.

To become a Friend of Poulton and help us continue with this amazing educational project, we are asking for a donation of £60 or more per year. Given under the new Gift Aid scheme, we can claim back 25p for every £1 you donate as a taxpayer!

Please give generously, and on behalf of all the archaeologists, students and volunteers may I thank you for taking the trouble to read this far and I hope to make your acquaintance in the not too far distant future. Thanking you in anticipation.

To download the “Friends of Poulton registration Form” please click here.