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Our AGM is being held on 18th February

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We have run courses at Poulton for nearly 20 years now. They have been very well received and the vast majority of people who have attended would recommend them to others and come again.


On our volunteers' page, you will find the answer all of your questions about volunteering at Poulton. We are not asking you to simply wash pots or move spoil. Within hours of your arrival on-site we expect you to be excavating serious archaeology.

What Our Students Say

We have a very high satisfaction rating from our course attendees (the details for the latest 2013) season are here). Everyone who has attended over the last 4 years would recommend us to others and would come again.

COVID-19 Statement.

The site has now reopened and operating with covid measures in place.

All access to the site needs to be agreed in advance in order to ensure the control of numbers and appropriate social distancing is maintained.

If you are an existing volunteer wanting to come to site or interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Paul Naylor

The site will also be running fieldwork courses during August this year. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Dr Kevin Cootes for more information.


The Poulton Project – Registered Charity Number 1094552

The Poulton project was incorporated as a charity on August 7th 2002. the incorporation statement is: To further the education of the public in archaeology, history and architecture  of a multi-period landscape in Chester hinterland known as The Poulton project  and to promote and foster public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of archaeology generally.


In 1995 the Poulton Project started with an interest in developing a multi-period archaeological landscape investigation in the Chester hinterland. The hope was to find a settlement that was archaeologically rich over several periods, and set in a landscape accessible to investigation. The chapel site at Poulton more than fulfilled these needs. The history and origin of the chapel were scarcely known, yet it had a close connection with the last Cistercian Abbey of Poulton. Although the Abbey was removed in the 13th century, the Cistercians continued to dominate and shape the landscape around Poulton until dissolution in 1534. In addition to the medieval archaeology, an initial evaluation in 1995 revealed unexpected evidence for Roman and prehistoric occupation. It has since been confirmed that at least two Roman buildings exist, one of which is very substantial, producing numerous brooches, coins etc. Establishment of the nature of this occupation and of possible continuity to the medieval period remains a main research objective at the site.

Latest News

You can see some of our recent news here and also find articles written in the past but still of relevance today.

The Excavation of Ring Ditches Two and Three

The Excavation of Ring Ditches Two and Three at Poulton, Cheshire. 2010-2013 An Interim Report Kevin V. E. Cootes & Mike M. Emery with contributions from Hugo Anderson-Whymark and Giovanna Fregni 11th July 2014 To read the full report, click here.

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Field Notes – week 6

Field Notes: Week Six Corn height: over the saggital suture of cranium (over my head) Well, it’s goodbye to July and hello to August. We’re officially past our halfway point, with six weeks gone and four weeks left of the field school at Poulton – although things...

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Field Notes – week 5

Week Five Corn height: ridiculously variable - talus/ fibula lateral malleolous (ankle) to saggital suture of cranium (over my head) [you just wait if we get some decent rain] We have had the most ludicrous weather during our field school thus far this summer, but...

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Field Notes – week 4

  Field Notes – Week Four Corn height: caput femoris (head of the femur)* Welcome back to my regular weekly updates. I hope everyone enjoyed the special Day of Archaeology post from last week! Week four on site has been a little bit different for me. Trench I,...

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Field notes – week 3

Field Notes: Week Three Corn height: patellae (knee high)   This week's site update is a Day of Archaeology special. For the past four years, this project has aimed to share the incredible diversity of the daily lives of archaeologists around the world. Once...

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Field Notes – Week 2

Field Notes: Week Two Corn height: tibial tuberosity (near about knee high) We were back out to blazing sunshine at the beginning of this week, with seven students in the cemetery area and another eight in the roundhouse area - some students had been with us the week...

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Field Notes – Week 1

Field Notes: Week One Corn height: tibia mid-diaphysis (shin high) It has been a fantastic first week at the Poulton Research Project field school. We’ve had a lucky number thirteen students on site – eight working in Trench I (the cemetery) with Mike and I - and five...

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Field Notes – Prep week

Corn height: talus/ fibula lateral malleolous (ankle) Welcome to the very first Poulton Project field school weekly updates - a sort of summary of some field notes. While the students don’t arrive until tomorrow, we’ve been very busy on site already getting everything...

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Alison Atkin joins The Poulton Team.

Alison has been contracted by the Poulton Project to assist Mike Emery and Kevin Cootes during the forthcoming season. Alison is a qualified Osteologist and comes with previous teaching experience. Poulton now has three fully qualified Archaeologists to teach the...

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… a lot of archaeological techniques in a short space of time

Didn’t make us feel stupid when we didn’t know something .

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