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Notice of AGM 2021

Our AGM is being held on 18th February

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Artefacts of Six Millennia

Sifting through some of our finds over the dark, damp winter days reminded us of what a unique site we have. Poulton goes back over  millennia and to demonstrate that we would like to show you some of the artefacts which span something in the order of six thousand...

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How to find us.

DIRECTIONS TO THE POULTON RESEARCH PROJECT By Car If driving on the A55, exit at Junction 38 onto the A483 'Wrexham Road', heading towards Wrexham. After a couple of hundred meters you will approach a roundabout. Take the first left onto the B5445 'Old Wrexham Road'....

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Field Notes – weeks 10 – 13

Field Notes: Weeks Ten to Thirteen Corn height: see photo One month ago (!) I wrote a blogpost, with one week to go of the Poulton Research Project field school. That has long since come and gone, however the weeks following were full of activity and so I’ll attempt...

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Field Notes – week 9

Week Nine Corn height: suspicion that the addition of cobs have made the corn appear taller, when in fact it is all still the same height as last week It has been a brilliant and busy week at the field school – it’s hard to believe that this time next week it’ll be...

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Students Blog

The following blogpost was written by a student who attended the field school during Week Seven. Enjoy! -- The Poulton Research Project consists of a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals who come together with students and volunteers with a central focus...

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Field Notes – week 8

Week Eight Corn height: we can no longer see beyond our trench, if we get lost we may have to remain on site until the harvest It has been a very relaxing week. Trench I was being excavated by all continuing students, who are now very familiar with our excavation and...

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Field Notes – week 7.

  Week Seven Corn height: towering ominously over our excavations It has been another fantastic week on site. The weather held out for us for the most part, although I feel it’s only delayed the inevitable. As I write this, the remains of Bertha have arrived and...

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The Excavation of Ring Ditches Two and Three

The Excavation of Ring Ditches Two and Three at Poulton, Cheshire. 2010-2013 An Interim Report Kevin V. E. Cootes & Mike M. Emery with contributions from Hugo Anderson-Whymark and Giovanna Fregni 11th July 2014 To read the full report, click here.

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Field Notes – week 6

Field Notes: Week Six Corn height: over the saggital suture of cranium (over my head) Well, it’s goodbye to July and hello to August. We’re officially past our halfway point, with six weeks gone and four weeks left of the field school at Poulton – although things...

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Field Notes – week 5

Week Five Corn height: ridiculously variable - talus/ fibula lateral malleolous (ankle) to saggital suture of cranium (over my head) [you just wait if we get some decent rain] We have had the most ludicrous weather during our field school thus far this summer, but...

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