Poulton Research Project


Notice of AGM 2021

Our AGM is being held on 18th February

Nature at Poulton

Whilst walking through the maize stubble on my way to site today I came across this Lapwings nest . As you can see it contains a clutch of 4 eggs. We’ll have to be careful where we put our feet, it probably wont be the only one.

Osteology Update

Meet Rea who will be assisting us at Poulton this summer. She is seen here recording the mortal remains of a 35 – 40 year old (estimated) female in the grave at her feet. She is a very talented young lady and the students will benefit hugely from her skill and...

Swiss Army Knife vs. Stone Age Flint

Here we have a piece of Mesolithic flint 10,000 – 4,000 BC, worked by one of our ancestors to assist him with his daily life.Also pictured is my Swiss Army pocket knife, which assists me when I’m out on site. There’s no comparison we might think, how...

End of season summary 2015

SUMMARY REPORT OF THE 2015 EXCAVATIONS AT THE POULTON RESEARCH PROJECT, CHESHIRE The objectives of the 2015 student training season were to continue and where possible complete excavations on the two trenches from the previous year. The extant archaeology comprised...